About Me

Hey it’s Alexia Raye! After studying biochemistry at UAB, I became a full time content creator. I love to play video games, but I’m ready to break the stereotypes of gamers and bring fun back into cooking. Our generation has thrived off of convenience, but convenience doesn’t help us in terms of longevity. Join me on a journey to a healthier, happier life. 


Are you vegan?
My recipes don’t contain meat or dairy, but I am plant based not vegan (yes there’s a difference.) “Vegan” is an ideology that extends beyond food. After all, oreos are vegan and they aren’t a healthy choice. Equally important, not all of the recipes here are designed to be every day foods. Some are for those special occasions. I only eat plant based meals and follow a 95% to 5% rule. 95% of the food I eat is pretty healthy, but I also allow myself some wiggle room in the other 5% of my lifestyle.

Will I like your recipes even if I am not plant based?
Yes! Although I am plant based, the people around me are still omnivores. I have a group of very picky friends taste the meals and give bluntly honest criticism before they make it to the site. All foods are meat eater approved! You can enjoy plant based meals without being plant based yourself.

Why are you plant based?
My father, Ray Cronise, has been researching the topic of food nutrition for nearly a decade, and has researched and published academic articles on the subject. In addition, you can check out his book and podcast that have tons of helpful information.

What else do you do besides cook?
I love to game! I stream nearly every day on my twitch channel. If you want to have live interaction with me, that’s the best place to find me most days.

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